When it comes to heritage roofing, you need to select an experienced, competent, and skilled contractor. If you are thinking of having a roof replacement on your heritage property, please have a read through this guide to make sure you select the right roofing contractor.

How do I know who the right roofing contractor is?

The simple answer is you do not. However, always start with recommendations. A good roofing contractor will have carried out lots of projects on heritage buildings and friends, family or colleagues may have had roof repairs, or a roof replaced. This may not always be a heritage roof replacement or repair, but it is a good place to start. Small things you can ask like was the roofing contractor responsive to calls/emails, did the contractor keep the premises tidy during works, was they always on time, was the original quote kept with no additional cost once you have a list of 2 or 3 roofers its time to call them for a survey.

I have some roofers coming to quote what questions should I ask?

You now have some roofing contractors coming to quote your roof repair or replacement roof. When they arrive, they may be able to give you a budget cost (please bear in mind lots of roofing contractors do not like doing this). If they do great and at least you have a ballpark figure. Next, ask them if successful can they provide references for previous work. Good contractors will have happy customers that will be willing to give references, and at the end of the day, a new roof especially on heritage roofs is a big investment and finally ask their experience with heritage roofs. These simple questions will give you a good idea on the roofer’s competence and skillset.

I have a few quotes in, and they seem to vary in costs.

It is essential to get at least three quotes on any large project you may be undertaking in, not just a heritage roof but any roof replacement project. The first thing to check is have all the roofing contractors allowed safe access. This cost can vary slightly if they have allowed for scaffold but should not have too much difference in cost unless that have not included any scaffolding. Secondly check all the roofing contractors are costing for the same roof covering, If it is a heritage building then you will have a smaller choice to choose from whether it be slates or clay tiles, but it is hugely important that the right product is used as a conservation officer can make you remove and replace the roof again if the wrong product is installed. I will always avoid a quote if it is drastically cheaper than the other two as in most cases, the contractor would be using the wrong product or may have missed something off. In a large project, I would advise employing a heritage building surveyor. A building surveyor will create a schedule of works that roofing contractor will price from this will give comfort in knowing all roofing contractors are pricing the same materials.

How do I know the correct materials?

This is a key factor a mentioned above if the wrong product is installed then it could be costly. At Kingsley Roofing Services Limited we have many years’ experience replacing heritage roofs. We know which products will be passed by a planning officer, but we do not just guess we seek approval from the local planning officer before commencing any quote. This way, you are safe in knowing the correct product is installed.

I am ready to appoint a roofing contractor.

Once you are ready to appoint a roofing contractor, check the quote is still valid. Products such as lead, and slate can fluctuate in price and quotes are usually valid for 30 days. Next, inform the contractor. Heritage roof materials tend to be more special-order items so lead times on these products can vary, and the roofing contractor will need to place the order in good time to make sure the project runs smoothly. Then its time to find out the roofing contractor’s lead in time, it may be beneficial to ask this at the quote stage if you are on a tight deadline. Once all this has been agreed, I would ask for a schedule of works and time frames to completion.

In conclusion

Selecting the right heritage roofing contractor is no small task but selecting the right one is key to making your roof replacement project run smoothly. Always start with recommendations, make sure the correct materials are beings used and if in doubt, think about employing a building surveyor to help with your roof replacement project. Please feel free to get in touch if you require any of our roof replacement services.

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