As the name may suggest, a flat roof is any area of roofing that has a pitch of less than 15 degrees. This is a popular commercial roofing option because it is both affordable and easy to maintain. A flat roof can be used on residential properties too, especially conservatories and house extensions. 

Depending on the quality of the installation and how it is maintained, a flat roof can last a long time. Indeed, they have been known to last for up to 50 years before they need replacing. However, just because flat roofs are durable, that does not necessarily mean they are entirely without issues. 

If you think you need a commercial flat roof repair, there are a few things you should know to help guarantee that you obtain the outcome you desire.

Flat Roof Repairs – The Dos

Here’s what you should do when repairing your roof. 

1. Do find the source of the leak

When repairing a flat roof, the first step is to find the source of the leak. Sometimes, the leak in the top layer of the felt is not directly above the leak in your room. In the majority of cases, water will be penetrating the top layer and then running between the other layers before seeping through the boarding. To avoid wasting any time and effort, make sure you conduct a thorough inspection of your roof.

2. Do choose materials wisely

When shopping for roofing materials, you should only purchase those that are strong and sturdy. Although they may be a little more expensive, they will enable you to save money in the long run as they will help you avoid the need for unnecessary repairs. Besides the quality of the materials, you should also consider their overall appearance. Make sure they will enhance the image and value of your commercial property.

3. Do clean the affected area thoroughly

Before proceeding with any repairs, you need to clean the affected area. Remove any loose chippings and use a fungicide to eliminate mould growth. Also, make sure you pick the right moment to carry out the repairs; the best time to fix your roof is after a long period of dry weather as this will help ensure that any moisture in the roof felt has had time to dry out.

4. Do observe “safety first”

Fixing a roof will naturally entail working a few metres above ground. As such, you need to ensure your safety. Rather than using a ladder, you should use scaffolding or a sturdy platform. Also, avoid walking on a flat roof unless you are 100% sure that it is stable and can withstand your weight. Finally, make sure you wear the appropriate safety gear before doing any type of commercial flat roof repairs.

Flat Roof Repairs – The Don’ts

Here is a list of things you must never do when fixing your commercial flat roof.

1. Don’t fix the roof yourself

Although you may be able to repair your flat roof if the leak is due to a one-off hole, tear or other superficial issue, you will be wasting your time and money if your roof is: 

  • Old and has multiple leaks
  • Showing signs of advanced wear and tear due to age or severe damage
  • Bending, buckling or bowing 

If your roof has severe damage or is in an advanced stage of deterioration, it would be wise to seek expert advice. In the long run, hiring professional roofing contractors such as Kingsley Roofing Services will be more cost-effective than trying to adopt a DIY approach. It will also be far safer because you won’t have to do everything on your own. More importantly, letting the experts help will ensure that the repair work is of the highest quality, and your roof will be fixed quickly and correctly at the first time of asking.

2. Don’t overlook the necessary preparations

All roofing work is dangerous, even if the job takes just a couple of minutes. For this reason, you should never forget to prepare properly before attempting to fix your flat roof. In fact, you should not even be thinking of doing the work yourself unless you possess the necessary knowledge and equipment. This means you need some advanced DIY skills and experience of repairing flat roofs. Otherwise, you will be better off asking the experts to do the work for you.

3. Don’t forget about ventilation 

Ventilation is essential for all roofing systems, including flat roofs. When installing or fixing your roof, you must ensure that the air from your property can easily escape to keep the roofing system cool. Failure to do so could lead to a build-up of mould, resulting in roof and/or structural damage. As mentioned earlier, to avoid overlooking something important, you should plan your course of action carefully when doing any type of commercial flat roof repairs.

4. Don’t neglect your roof

Prevention is indeed better than cure. If you don’t want to have to fix your roof and put your safety at risk in the process, you should take the time to maintain it properly. Always remember that regular roof maintenance is a simple yet excellent way of preventing extensive and expensive roof repairs. Not only can this help extend the lifespan of your flat roof, but it can also help save you money in the long run.

Take Good Care of Your Roof

Your roof is your first line of defence against the elements. This is why it is vital that you take good care of it to ensure that a sudden leak won’t disrupt your home or business. In addition, you should act quickly at the first signs of a leak as this will help prevent the problem getting any worse. 

Do you require the services of Northampton’s leading roofing experts? Contact Kingsley Roofing Services today and our team of highly experienced craftsmen will be there to assist you every step of the way.

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